Change How You Think About Life

Deep Patel  Contributor

Perhaps the biggest challenge when attempting to think your way to success is reprogramming your mind. Habits of the mind can be difficult to break, but by implementing the strategies outlined below, readers will be able to develop new patterns of thought in the new year.

1. Change your daily routine

Takeaway: Take a few minutes to outline your daily routines, being as detailed as possible. Then choose one new routine you would like to add or replace.

2. Take time to travel

Takeaway: Plan a trip that takes you out of your daily routine. Traveling doesn’t need to be expensive; even a short excursion can provide new perspectives.

3. Read fiction

Takeaway: Everyone has time to read. If you think you’re too busy to pick up a great book, think again. First, outline your daily routines as mentioned in section one. Second, schedule a few minutes to read each day. Paging through a good book during your morning commute or right before bed can be an effective way to reprogram your thoughts.

4. Align your time with your priorities

Takeaway: By gaining control of your calendar, you’ll be able to gain control of your thoughts. Take a long hard look at how you allocate your time and commit to spending your days on your terms.

5. Develop healthy sleep habits

Takeaway: Invest in a sleep-tracking app. If the data show that you’re not getting adequate sleep, you may have identified the single best way to change your thoughts. Make sure you get eight hours of sleep a night, and in time your thoughts will become healthier.

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